As a natural extension to BrandSafway and Aluma's diverse service capabilities, PRO|Services utilizes our extensive experience in industrial insulation and coatings to offer Programs, Reliability and Optimization Services related to thermal insulation and atmospheric coatings.

PRO|Therm Services

PRO|Therm Services, part of our PRO|Services (Program, Reliability and Optimization Services), utilizes Aluma's experience in insulation services, plus our expertise in industry best practices, including winterization programs, noise minimization, personnel protection, insulating coatings and energy conservation studies, to update and optimize any insulation program.

Using PRO|Therm Services to develop an optimized insulation system, clients can see a return on their investment through multiple opportunities, including a decrease in energy consumption, a smaller environmental footprint by lowering emissions, a reduction in potential safety hazards for employees and an increase in process design integrity.

PRO|Therm's Core Service Offerings Include:

  • Heat loss/energy conservation.
  • Insulation optimization & maintenance programs (IOMS).
  • Thermography services.
  • CUI program support.

PRO|Coat Services

PRO|Coat Services, part of our PRO|Services (Program, Reliability and Optimization Services), leverages Aluma's industrial coating and painting expertise to offer our clients facility assessments, surveys, atmospheric coatings and corrosion management programs to help them identify and manage corrosion-based risks, developing an optimized coatings lifecycle for their facility and its assets.

PRO|Coat Services helps clients take a proactive and planned approach to corrosion management and atmospheric coatings programs to reduce their cost per unit and optimize the lifecycle of their coatings. To do this, we focus on identifying the coatings systems that can be upgraded and extended with minimal surface preparation, which is often the largest and most costly component of a coatings project. Recognizing the corrosion risks through industry knowledge, standards and guidelines allows for recoating prior to substantial breakdown, often resulting in a 30 percent reduction of overall unit cost to perform coatings.

PRO|Coat's Core Service Offerings Include:

  • Surveys, assessments and programmed maintenance.
  • Optimized coatings life cycle approach.
  • Corrosion management programs.

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